Getting the Lowest Las Vegas Hotel Rates

Getting Lowest Las Vegas Vacation Deal Rates

1.) Make sure there are no conventions, since they can really drive up rates. You can see convention dates by visiting this link. Avoid dates with large conventions having 30,000 or more people.

2.) Go during the week (Sunday-Thursday). Friday/Saturday rates are much higher. Avoid going on a holiday.

3.) Hot weather means cheaper rates. July and August are hot and will get you discount hotel rates. Take advantage of cheap rates offered for most of December. The biggest discounts happen between Christmas and New Years.

4.) Check with us first for lowest hotel rates! We have much lower overhead than the “big guys” and can afford to give you the cheapest prices. In most cases we are also cheaper than the hotel websites. Hotel websites don’t want to compete with large online companies, since they risk being removed because of low sales. Also, don’t assume rates are the same when you call a hotel or travel agency. When you book online rates are often much lower. Someone has to pay those support agents for their time.

5.) If you need air and hotel, don’t assume a package deal is always better. The actual benefit depends on many factors, such as the airfare cost. We suggest getting the best hotel and air rates separately. You can then compare it to a package rate.

6.) They don’t call it Loss Vegas / Lost Vegas for nothing! Make sure to consider your gambling budget as part of your overall trip cost and make sure you have a quit limit.

We recommend booking with a trusted booking agent that provides a first class customer service, our recommendation is:Las Vegas Direct. Book Direct and Save!Enjoy your stay in Fabulous Las Vegas

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