Know your Surroundings in Las Vegas

When planning a Las Vegas vacation there are safety consideration to keep in mind. Obviously, with any big city, you must be aware of your surroundings Las Vegas is no exception.

In Las Vegas there are many outdoor shows: Bellagio’s water show, Treasure Island’s pirate ship battle, the Mirage’s volcano, Fremont Street Experience, etc. These events can get quite crowded, and many times you will find yourself shoulder to shoulder with others. Bottom Line is common sense says that it is wise to realize a simple bump from behind may be just that, or it may be someone attempting to grab some cash. Many people are looking to make a quick buck in Las Vegas, and many try to do that by pickpocketing others!

Here are some safety tips when planning a Las Vegas vacation.

Make sure your wallet is in a safe place. Highly encouraged that men keep their wallets in their front pocket.

Women should always their purses zipped shut and that have a strap that can goes diagonal across one shoulder.

Las Vegas is a safe city by always keep in mind your surroundings and enjoy your Las Vegas vacation.


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